FAMILY FUN FRIDAY - Swedish Twister

Twister, YES. 
From Sweden? I don't think so. 
Fun? Absolutely.

Object of the Game
Be the last one standing.
Don't fall or touch the ground. 

Number of Players
Three or More

Materials Needed
Nothing , but play without shoes. 

How to Play
1. Players stand in a circle shoulder to shoulder.

2. The first person to start, takes one foot and touches either foot of their neighbor. 

3. Their neighbor must then move the foot that was touched to touch one of his neighbor's feet, without moving his other foot or falling over. (SO...what ever foot is touched, is the foot that has to be moved).

4. Everyone continues to take turns around the circle. If you fall or touch the ground, you are out. The last person standing, wins. 

1. You must go around the circle in the same order every time, and touch your original neighbor's foot even if they far away from you. (And they will end up far away from you). Even if your standing order gets mixed up (and it will). The only exception is when your neighbor falls and is out of the game. When this happens you move to the next person in the original circle. 

2. If you fall, or touch the ground with anything other than your feet, you are out. 

3. You can hold on to each other for support, but feet must remain in place at all times unless they are touched by your neighbor. If, while holding on to your neighbor, they fall and so you fall, you are still out. 

4. Your feet have to stay in the same position you placed them in. Awkward or not. NO pivoting or swiveling, readjusting, or turning. 

P.S. I would love some happy news. Share with me what you are doing this weekend. Pretty Please!?


  1. I'm hopefully sleeping lots. And going on a family date to check out some new show homes. And lots of relaxing.
    Sounds like a fun game to play!

  2. Sounds like a great weekend. Goodness, I wish sleeping was on my list. When I woke our 6 year old for school this morning she said she wished it was Saturday. Why? I asked her. "So I can sleep in". Amen.
    Are you house hunting? If yes, how exciting.

  3. Our family just went to see Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, which is being put on at my son's charter school, Early Light Academy. My oldest reluctantly agreed to let me sign him up, and discovered how much fun it is to perform! It was such a fun night! Unfortunately, that's where my fun weekend ends, as I have to work in the morning! But maybe we'll take the boys to the rec center in the afternoon for some swimming! Hope your weekend turns out fun!

  4. I know the weekend is over now but on Friday I got to see my best friend from college get married. Her dream all her life (she is 38) has been to have a family and it was so wonderful to see her dreams finally come true.

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