This is one of my favorite games. I know I have said that before, but it's true. This one is great. Different, fun, and it fosters creativity and problem solving. Boys really really love this game also. At first read it might sound "iffy". Don't judge, give it a shot. It is soooo much more fun than it looks on paper. You will love what your family and friends come up with.

You don't need anything to play this game. Just people.

The Object: Give a group of people a "Machine" that they must act out with sound and motion.

How to Play:
Put players into groups of 5-10.
Give each group a "Machine" (I have included suggestions of machines at the end of the post). Keep it a secret from the other groups.
Each group has 5 minutes to figure out how to act out the "Machine", using sounds and motion.
They act out the "Machine" and the other groups try to guess what it is.

For example. Your group has to act out a Car Engine (V6). could have 6 people line up in 2 lines of 3 across from each other. Then they would go up and down at different times like pistons, while another person made car engine sounds. The person making the sounds could make sounds like they are starting the car, and then the pistons would slowly start to go up and down. As the engine sounds started to go faster, the pistons would go up and down faster and faster. 

1. "Machines" must have motion, and each member must contribute to the various sounds of the "machine".
2. Some members may act as "humans" and operate the "machine".
3. Some members may represent other objects that the "machine" interacts with.
4. The group leader may determine how much time is given to prepare each "machine". No more than 5 minutes is recommended.
5. Spectators, or other groups, guess what the "machine" is.


  • Car Engine V6 
  • Ceiling Fan
  • Rocket ship or Spaceship
  • Pinball Machine
  • Human Heart (arguably the worlds most amazing machine, right)
  • Turntable (that plays records)
  • Crane Game (like they have at arcades, like in the movie Toy Story where the little green squeaky aliens are)
  • Bulldozer

  Have a great weekend. I think we are expecting snow. I can't decide how I feel about that.


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