You Will Need...
List of clues (objects).

How to Play...
Form two teams.
If you have a small number of people, don't worry about teams.

Have each team sit on the floor (or in chairs) in a single file line, facing the same direction, back to front like a train.

With the group lined up, give the person in the back of the line an object to draw. Be sure that the rest of the teams don't hear the clue (word). Whisper quiet, or take them out of the room to tell them.

For example...let's say the clue is football. That person then sits down and draws a football on the BACK of the person in front of them with their finger. No talking or communicating.

Once they have drawn the football on the person's back, that person then draws what they thought was drawn on their back, on the back of the person in front of them.

This is passed down the train, person to person, back to back...until it reaches the team member at the front of the line/train.

The first person then takes the paper and pen and draws the object they think has been passed through the team and drawn on each person's back. So in this example, you would hope that the first person in line (the last person to have the clue drawn on their back), would draw a football.

Teams are not only racing, but the goal is to get the most words/clues, correct. The team to get the most clues correct, wins.

This game is great for kids and adults alike, and you can play with a little, or a lot of people.

Have a Great Weekend!


  1. How fun! I always loved having people write letters on my back when I was little and guessing what they were. :-)

  2. Suzanne, it is really fun. And easy, with really no materials or set up.

  3. How a couple years this will be perfect. Happy Friday.

  4. Mightysweetmama, our older kids love to play but our little one doesn't like to be left out, so we play rounds with single letters and shapes. She thinks it is great to be BIG.


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