Family Volley Photo Challenge-Week 2-Your Favorite Shoes

Wednesday has become my favorite day of the week because of the photo challenge. I loved last week. Be sure you join us, and check out the flicker group to see the self portraits from last week. Use a camera, use your phone, anything goes. Just SLOW DOWN for a few minutes and gain a new perspective by taking a picture. And if you want to upload more than one picture each week, go for it. Sometimes it is hard to decide, or you have two different perspectives that you want to share. Go for it.

I had lots of thoughts for this week. First I went with a pair of our three year old's shoes. I LOVE THEM, and find them on the floor next to her socks eve. ry. day. Ultimately, I went with a pair of shoes I have had for 10 years. They were the first thing I ever bought on eBay. They have seen happy days and sad days. They have never failed me. Just looking at them makes me smile.

After I took the picture, our 3 year old put my shoes on. She laid on the floor and started reading. I SLOWED DOWN and laid down next to her and we read and laughed together. When we were done, she gave me a hug and said "you are my best mommy ever". Yep, made my day. Shhhh, never mind I am her only mommy.

Next Weeks Challenge: Hands (January 18)

Love these shoes!

Our little girl decided to wear them around for a while. She is reading behind that tutu. 

I wish they made these in my size!

Happy Wednesday. Can't wait to see your favorite shoes.


  1. That is a precious story and adorable picture of her with the shoes and tutu. I have to shoot my shoe picture today.

  2. Love it, its nice to have a story behind the shoes, oh & a book worm behind a giant tutu :0)

  3. Great picture of the shoes. Especially the joyful face hiding underneath the tutu. Mine will be up on Flickr tomorrow. Gonna enjoy the Mr. while he's off for the night. Hope you have a wonderful night!!!

  4. Suzanne, thanks, can't wait to see your picture.

  5. Trish, her tutu was a Christmas gift. She pretty much wears it all. the. time. It is bigger than she is. Loved your shoes, and their story.

  6. Mighty Sweet Mama, what a nice treat that hubby has the night off. That's what life is all about, priorities. Enjoy the evening.

  7. Love it! Thats such a sweet story! Sounds exactly like something my little neice would dow ith her Mum :-)


  8. Hi Ez, yes our girls love to put my "clip clop" shoes on and walk around the house. Our oldest daughter named high heels "clip clops" because of the sound they make when you walk. I called them that in public once and the people I was talking too looked at me like I was crazy. Even hubby calls them "clip clops". How old is your niece?

  9. a photo challenge is such a fun idea! How does it work? Deetz from


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