Family Volley Photo Challenge-Week 5-Guilty Pleasure

This Week's Challenge-Guilty Pleasure

I am a very poor example of slowing down this week. Hence the reason this post is just going up. I finally just put everything down, enlisted the help of our 3 year old and asked her to help me build a tower.

"Yay yay, I love building towers." she said.

"What will make a tower?" she asked.

"Fabric" I said. 

Yep, that is my guilty pleasure. Although I have not been able to fully indulge my guilty pleasure yet, I pick up what I can here and there. One day I want to have a room bursting with fabric. In fact, I daydream about sitting at the sewing machine and making skirts and blankets and doll clothes, pillows and drapes and gifts for the neighbors. 

Fabric is my Guilty Pleasure.

Ahhhh! Look at the colors. 

Can't wait to see your guilty pleasure.

In honor of the Month of Love, Next Week's Challenge (February 8) - RED

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  1. I love the perspective on this post.

    I have loads of fabric in my closet right now which I acquired since I started quilting six years ago. I started buying then because I needed stash to work from in case I needed to start a project immediately. It multiplied quickly. In looking at my stash recently, I saw that there were lots of pieces that I bought because they were a good deal or were interesting prints or I felt I should have. My perspective has changed. Now I only want fabric that I love, that is beautiful or that is useful.

    With Reduce as my motto, I am working to use the fabric I have. I am hoping to make more charity quilts this year.


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