Family Volley Photo Challenge-Week 8-"Childhood Memory"

I am very late in getting this challenge posted. But...better late than never, right? It seems that some weeks, family life takes every single minute of every day. It means other things have to be put on hold. I appreciate the kind emails checking up on us, to make sure that everything was okay. Those emails make my day.

Last Week's Challenge was "Childhood Memory"

I use these in our girls hair all the time. Our girls use them in their dolls hair too. They are the same baretts my mom used to use in my hair. Every time I see them, I am reminded of the great memories my mom and I shared as she would do my hair and get me ready for the day. I learned a lot sitting with my mom getting my hair done. I learned about a lot more than just doing hair.

Do you remember these?...

This Weeks Challenge (February 29) - "Peace"

If you are just learning about the photo challenge, or are feeling behind. Don't worry. You can jump in at any time. And even if you are not taking photos, come look at the photos that are being posted in the Family Volley Flickr group. They are fantastic, they will inspire you to jump on board.

Feel free to invite your friends and family to join us in the challenge. Post it on facebook, twitter, pin it. The more the merrier.


  1. I DO remember those! Happy to hear about your story and looking forward to peace.

  2. Those are the same kind I used to wear! Wow, that takes me back.


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