FAMILY FUN FRIDAY-Master Questioner?

In this game, what ever you do, don't answer the questions!

Master Questioner?

You don't need anything to play this game, and the rules are very simple.

How to Play
*Have everyone sit in a circle so that you can easily see each other.

*One person begins by asking another player a question. Any question.

*That player then (responds) by asking another player a question.

*A player is out if a question is repeated, they answer the question, or hesitate to ask a new question.

*Last person in the circle wins.

My husband starts by looking at our son and asking a question. He says, "How old are you?"
Our son (responds) by looking at me and asking "What time is it?"
I (respond) by looking at my husband and asking "Why is the sky blue?

We continue to ask each other questions until someone messes up. Messing up means you answer the question (instead of ask a new one), repeats a question, or hesitates to ask another question.

Resisting the urge to answer the questions you are asked is the hardest part of the game! You and your family will have a blast with this one. 

It is also great for riding in the car. Modify. Because you can't all look at each other while driving, start each new question with the persons name. "Heather, why is the sky blue?" "William, what did you have for lunch?" Then you will know when someone is directing the question to you. 

I hope you and your family have a great weekend. I know I have some catching up to do. If you fell behind on the photo challenge this week (like I did) no worries. It is never too late. Take a picture of a "childhood memory" and catch up. 


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