Family Volley Photo Challenge-Week 9-"Peace"

As I considered a photo for this weeks challenge, my first thought was to take a picture of our baby sleeping. Nothing says peace like a sleeping baby. Even more peaceful is holding a sleeping baby.

Then today it started to snow. It was quiet outside and you could hear the snow fall. Before this challenge, I would have noticed the snow, and probably gone outside to watch it fall, but I would have been worried about all the things I wasn't doing. I would have felt guilty. Not today, today I sat on the porch with our 3 year old and we watched the snow fall together. She talked and I listened. It was very peaceful.

After more thought about what peace was to me, I found myself driving down the street with our kids this afternoon to the Provo Temple. We are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and the temple brings me peace.

I have a testimony of temples. The temple represents God's love for me. It represents eternal families. There is great peace in knowing that I can be with my family for eternity.

 I couldn't decide on just one picture. 
I like the colors and dimensions in this one, and how the Angel Moroni appears to be rising out of the trees. 
I love how the Angel Moroni is "in the clouds".

I know God lives. I know he loves me. I know he hears and answers my prayers. I know I am a daughter of God.

Next Week's Challenge (March 7) - "What I Ate"


  1. These are such pretty pictures of the temple. Peace be with you!

  2. Those are beautiful photos. Thank you for sharing them. I have seen the Provo, Manti and Salt Lake City temples and toured Temple Square and viewed the gorgeous Utah mountains. We attend the Dallas Temple but not nearly enough. You've inspired me to go. My grandson and I have been planting seeds for a garden and I know what you mean about the peaceful feeling of just listening to the quiet and enjoying children's questions. Have a wonderful peaceful day.

  3. Gorgeous picture, I love the last one. Thanks for your testimony! I miss being 20 minutes from a temple so bad. I used to think that was too far away, but now that I'm more than 2 hours away, I long for the days when I could go whenever I wanted.


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