Family Fun Friday- Dr. Seuss & The String Game!

So...Who is having Green Eggs and Ham for Dinner? Anyone...Anyone...Bueller...Bueller?
Our daughter on the way to school today to celebrate Dr. Seuss Day. A little Cat in the Hat meets Cindy Lou Who.
Our kids love Dr. Seuss. We read his books often, and they love to celebrate at school. I love reading Dr. Seuss books to the kids. I actually do little secret challenges where I try to read "Cat in the Hat" to them fast, without making any mistakes. Try it, it is fun. :)

To celebrate the day, play a game and have some fun with your family. I am sure the good "Dr." would approve.

For this game you will need...

String or yarn
Long enough to comfortably reach around the circle. Meaning, if everyone in your family was sitting in a circle, the string could reach around the whole circle with everyone hanging on to it.

Ring, bracelet, key ring, or other object that is similar. You will put the ring on the string BEFORE you tie the string end to end.

How to Play...
Every one sits in a circle and stretches the string all the way around the entire circle. So everyone is holding on to the string. String shouldn't be tight. There needs to be a little slack.

Place the ring on the string. Do this by putting the string through the middle of ring. Do not tie the ring to the string. The ring should be able to slide around on the circle of string.

Tie the ends of the string together to make a complete circle.

One person stands in the middle of the circle, and, with their eyes closed, counts to ten. When they open their eyes, they will begin to try and guess who has the ring in their hands.

While they are counting, the rest of the group, while holding on to the string, start to slide their hands along the string to "pass" the ring. Think of your hands sliding back and forth making it hard for the person in the middle to see who's hands are hiding the ring. (You will want to put your hands OVER the top of the string to hold on.)

Players are always trying to pass the ring around the circle through the whole game.

The people in the circle pass the ring around the circle and try not to get caught with the ring. Players can fake that they have the ring, fake pass the ring etc...As long as their hands stay on the string at all times.

If the person in the middle makes an incorrect guess multiple times on purpose (cheating), they must close their eyes for ten more seconds while the ring is passed around before they can make any other guesses. If a person is caught with the ring, the person in the middle takes their place in the circle and the person with the ring is now the person in the middle. The game begins again.

Use a larger object, like a bracelet or carabineer instead of the ring. This will make it more of a challenge to keep hidden. On the flip side, it can also make things easier if you are playing with little children. It will be easier for their little hands to pass, and for them to "see" if they are in the middle trying to guess who has the object.


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