Mom's Best- Hot Product Giveaway!

In conjunction with a great event I was able to attend last week, we have a giveaway for a great cause. My favorite kind of giveaway!

Last week I attended the Mom's Best "Hot Product Review." Mom's Bloggers were introduced to some truly amazing products. We got to put in our two sense about the products and we even got to take a little something home with us. I was lucky enough to bring home a pair of Mocassins from Freshly Picked. They are amazing.

There were many highlights to the night. Meeting new friends, and laughing with old friends and viewing all the amazing products. But the most powerful part of the night was when we sat down to write notes to victims from the Riverside Rape Crisis Center.

Mom's Best gave all the wonderful products to the Rape Crisis Center. The things they don't need will be sold or auctioned and the money will go to the center. One thing that really helps the victims at the center heal, is a journal. We took a few moments to write notes to put inside the journals that were being donated.

What exactly do you say to someone you don't know, who is dealing with such horrible things. It was humbling to sit and write words of encouragement. It brought a new perspective to the evening and to life.

In order to raise even more awareness and more money for the Rape Crisis Center, we have a great giveaway here on Family Volley.

One of my favorite products of the night came from Jeka Tree Bloom Accessories. They make leather hand goods that are out of this world. I loved the cuffs for women, but my favorite were their little leather cuffs for girls and babies.

Jeka Tree Bloom is giving away a Flower Bracelet of your choice.

Every entry helps vicitims at the Riverside Rape Crisis Center, so Enter to help others, and for yourself.

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