FAMILY FUN FRIDAY - Bubble Master!

We have said it before and we will say it again. Families that play together, stay together. So, let the games begin.

For this game you will need... 


Hula Hoop

Object of the Game...
Get a bubble through the hula hoop. Using only your breath. 

Here's how you play...
1. Establish a starting line. 
2. Choose someone to hold the hula hoop. They should stand about 6-8 feet away from the start line, depending on how old your players are. Older kids and adults, stand farther away. Younger, closer. You will want to hold it up so the opening is facing the start line. 
3. Choose someone to blow the bubbles. They will stand behind the start line. 
4. Everyone else will stand in between the start line and the hula hoop.

5. The bubble blower, blows bubbles. Everyone then tries to get the bubble(s) through the hula hoop. The catch, players can only use their breath to propel the bubble. They will have to carefully blow the bubbles. Working to keep them from popping on the ground and floating off course. Some players will want to be down on the ground so they can blow the bubbles up. Some will want to be on the sides of the bubbles, etc...
6. Players are not allowed to touch the hula hoop. (unless you are the one holding it up, of course).
7. As the bubbles pop, the person blowing the bubbles, keeps blowing and providing bubbles while the rest of the players carefully blow the bubbles toward the hula hoop, trying to blow them through. 

This is a fantastically fun game to play with your family. You can time yourselves and see how long it takes to get a certain number of bubbles through the hoop. You can have teams, and race. 

If you are playing with a large group, divide them up into smaller groups and have them race one another. 

This is also great for kids, big and small. Get everyone involved and be sure to take turns blowing bubbles at the start line, using your breath to move the bubbles, and holding the hula hoop.

Have fun!

What are you doing this weekend? Anything fun or exciting?
Anyone watching the BYU vs. Utah Football Game? 
Who do you want to win?

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