Thinking Ahead to the Garden

Happy Weekend! It has been a crazy week around this house, and it seems today is the first time we have been able to catch our breath. At least a little bit.

I noticed a difference in the morning light today. Usually at 7am, it is still dark outside. Today, there was a good hint of light. Spring is on its way, and there is hope that the snow will melt and we will once again be able to enjoy the sun on our skin. The promise of Spring has me excited, so tomorrow we are going to start doing some garden and outdoor prepping.

A few years ago we started transforming our backyard into an outdoor living space. It is always a work in progress. With the hope of melted snow and warmer weather, I am getting excited about the prospect of getting back to work on that space.

Last year we completed one of my favorite gardening projects. Hubby and I set out to make a Vertical Garden. One for my mom (who can make anything grow) and one for ourselves.

We used these directions as a starting point, but ended up making a number of little modifications as we went along.

We were able to put everything together in a Saturday afternoon.

We decided to paint ours black. 

Original Image found here

As soon as Spring hits, I will take a picture and show you where it hangs at our house. 

 Original Image found here.

If you need something to do this weekend that helps get you excited for warmer weather, give this project a try. It will warm you heart and soul. Then you can have it all ready for planting. Now, if only it would give me a tan.

p.s. Have you and your kids been inside way too much this Winter season. Maybe you have NDD. Click to read more about Nature Deficit Disorder.

I hope you and your family have a great weekend, and find something to do together.

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  1. I LOVE this idea of a vertical garden!! I really want to make one now and have a few spots that would be perfect for this!


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