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We have talked about television and movies here on Family Volley before. Although we don't want screen time to be the only time our family spends together, there are amazing things we can see and learn through movies and tv. It is all about making good choices.

This last week I feel like I have traveled the world. With an opportunity to see the new film One Life, and also to watch Africa as a family, we have visited what seems like over 50 countries and been witness to the amazing lives of animals across the world. Both of these movies are perfect for the whole family.
AFRICA.Savannah Episode (exact episode title and running order TBC)
If you are looking for something to do this weekend, grab a copy of the new movie Africa. It just came out on DVD and Blu-ray, and is amazing. You might have seen it on Discovery Channel in January.

Our children love movies like this! I like them because not only are they interesting, but our family is learning something as we watch.
Our kids can't stop talking about Africa. The movie took over 4 years to make and spans 27 countries. The crew used 553 cameras, spent 100 days on horseback and 601 nights in tents. Not to mention they consumed over 6526 anti-malaria tablets while filiming. Of the 553 cameras used, only 8 were harmed in the making of the film. 1 was chargrilled, 2 were eaten (by a lion and an elephant). 2 mini-helicam crashes and 3 cameras drowned!

Our family watched as lizards hunted for flies on the backs of sleeping lions, and chimpanzees hunted for honey using different tools.

One Life was in theaters last week. Our showing had some equipment difficulties towards the end of the film, but that didn't take away from what we were watching. Still in awe with God's creations, I left the movie impressed with the way ALL animals are trying to do what is best for their babies. Wether it is having babies in the middle of frozen ponds to protect them like the otters, or the strawberry tree frog that carriers her tadpoles up a tree and feeds them every few days.

Animal or human, family is where it's at!

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