Our Weekend

Forgive me as I get a little personal. This past weekend was a special one for us. We had nearly 20 family members in town (most of them staying at our house) for our son's baptism. I couldn't have imagined how emotional I would be. 

As his mother, I am overwhelmed by his goodness. He is the oldest. It is hard being the oldest. I know from personal experience. We place expectations on him. We expect him to make right choices. He does. He is strong and obedient and compassionate. He is a good example to his sisters. It is hard and wonderful to see him grow up. I love him very much. 

Extended Family

Our Family.

Trying to get a picture of all the kids. 

After the baptism, everyone came to our house for brunch.
Our son had asked months ago if I would make him a Book of Mormon cake for his baptism. I had to pull a late night to get it finished, but it turned out great.
My father in law thought it was real. So real, he tried to open the cover to turn pages. We were able to repair most of the damage. I took it as a compliment. It looked real enough for him to "have a read." 

Realizing that your kids are growing up is a challenge. I find myself constantly evaluating if I am preparing them well enough and wishing I could still rock them to sleep at night. 


Family Volley


  1. I used to be pained at the signs of my children growing up (and away) from me. And then God and I had a moment (I hope ya'll know what I mean) and He showed me how wonderful it will be to have my girls grown-that my journey of motherhood will never end, no matter how old they get.
    The cake is awesome. What a great job you did-it looks fantastic!-and how cute it is to really be "digesting" the word!

  2. We have 4 kids and I have alway enjoyed watching them grow up. Our oldest is 16 and tomorrow she is going to Brazil to study for a year (we live in Denmark/Europe so it is quite far away) and I am so proud of her making this choice and her having worked very hard towards it (she has saved up and is paying half herself). To be 16 and going on this adventure. Makes me smile for her :-)

    BUT - a week ago it suddenly hit me:

    She is going away!
    She is moving out!

    And I turned into a "crying-whenever-I-thought-about-it" mess!

    The feelings really took me by surprise. I knew of course I would be sad when I had to say goodbye to her. Of course. But this overwhelming feeling of sorrow even before she had left - "only" because of me realizing that her childhood is gone and never will return - well that one I hadn't expected...

    I have talked to several people this past week and I know by now it is very normal to feel this way when they move out (which she in a way is, even though she will return in a year). This being our oldest we havn't tryed this before, and I just wasn't prepared for this to hit me that hard!

  3. Although my son is only 4 1/2, I HATE thinking about him growing up (and my daughter too, but she is only 6 1/2 months). I don't think it bothers me so much that he's growing up (it happens :) but that he's growing up in this CRAZY world! I pray every day that my husband and I are instilling values in him that will make him a child and ultimately an adult that honors and serves God. I pray that the craziness of this world and all of it's evils will never overpower the morals that we've instilled in him. It's a tough balance between being a good parent and trying to raise a moral, well rounded child and not being an overbearing looney toon! :) I hope I find the balance!

    Your family is BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  4. I'm not there yet. My oldest isn't even two yet, so I'm still really excited over all his milestones and the new things he learns, and I have a three month old as well so I don't miss having a little baby around either.

    I'm sure there will come a time when I'll want to slow things down though.

  5. Awesome job on the cake. I made a hymn book once. My mom had an open book cake pan, and we did the notes and bars of How Firm A Foundation for my brothers mission farewell.

    As far as the growing up aspect; I am excited, and I can't believe that Asher is almost three. I then get more excited because I think that maybe he will final;;y start listening to me better:)

  6. Wow, awesome cake, super cute dress. Congratulations!

  7. that BOM cake is AMAZING. i love it!

    i don't think i'll ever have any talent at making fun cakes for my kids birthdays (or baptisms). But it'll be fun to try!

  8. What a great cake, and such a beautiful family!
    I can't believe how fast my kids are growing and it scares me that they are having more influence from others. I'd love to slow down time.

  9. That is such a neat cake!!! Yes, I lament constantly that I just want them to stay small. I think I will be a mess when my oldest gets baptized in two years. I'm already bracing up for it. But happy tears will be the most prominent. How exciting for your family!

  10. How exciting! We attended an eight year old baptism on Sunday and I told myself 'that is a long way off for us,' since our oldest is 4, but wasn't he just born or something? I look to your site for a lot of advice. Thanks! Speaking of which, how did you make such a cool cake?!

  11. CUTE family, awesome cake! Time goes way too quickly . . .


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