FAMILY FUN FRIDAY! Gingerbread Houses

Every year, before Christmas, our family gets together to make gingerbread houses. It is one of our family's favorite holiday traditions. 

You Will Need
*Graham Crackers.
*Anything and Everything for decorating.
*Cement Frosting. Recipe to Follow. 
*Cardboard covered in tin foil. One large piece for every person.

Take your cardboard and cover it in tinfoil. This will be your base. 

Gather all the GOODS. We open the panty and grab everything we can see. This is a perfect way to use left over Halloween Candy too.

Make the Frosting. Let me tell you. This is the best gingerbread house frosting EVER. Works every time and it tastes good (for when you have to lick your hands).

1 Batch of Cement Frosting. 
1lb. powdered sugar
3 egg whites
1/2 tsp Cream of Tartar.

Add all together and beat on medium high speed for 7-9 minutes. I always beat for 9 minutes. Put it into a piping bag (or a ziplock will work), snip the end to make a tip, and start decorating. 
There were 8 people making houses tonight and I made 4 batches of the frosting. You don't have to make each batch separately. I put the ingredients for all four batches in together.
Give everyone a piece of cardboard, a pack of graham crackers and a bag of frosting. 

Just getting started. Look at that concentration.  

To switch things up a bit. Put the names of different buildings into a hat and let everyone choose what it is they are going to make. For example. Town hall, post office, grocery store (general store), church, house, etc. What ever you pick is what you make. When everyone is done you will have made your own little town. You can even get a cloth, or big board and put everything on display. Once everyone is done with their buildings, help make roads and street signs. Don't forget the trees. Sometimes it is hard for people to think of something to do. This will help give some structure and guidelines. 

Have a wonderful weekend.
Christmas is only a week away. Yikes!


  1. Every year the ladies in our family get together and make cookies. Last year we made gingerbread houses and LOVED it, but couldn't get the frosting "good enough" so it was sort of a disaster. I'm book marking this page for next year (we already did sugar cookies this year :) I also love the idea of everyone making a certain building. Thank you, as always, for sharing!

    And I LOVE the pictures. It looks like you guys had a great time!

  2. m&amp:msmommy
    What a wonderful tradition. I bet you look forward to it every year. The recipe for the frosting is really good. You shouldn't have any trouble. Sorry you have already done your cookies for this year. :(
    We did have a really good time. I don't know who likes making the gingerbread houses more, the kids or the adults.
    Have a great weekend.

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