Teaching your kids the "Rules of Friendship"-A Video

Last week I headed to Salt Lake to talk about the "Rules of Friendship" on Studio 5. Studio 5 is a local daily lifestyle show. It is always so fun to contribute.

Are your kids having friend trouble? Do they know what it means to be a good friend? Do you know what to do when a friendship goes bad for your child?

Instead of reading Family Volley today, watch it. :) Here's the video from the show. We even talk about "best friends", does your child really need one?

Have your kids had any trouble with friends?


  1. Wow, great ideas there! I have thought about doing more role playing but haven't so thanks for laying it all out, it was the push I needed. I also love what you said about best friends, I can really see the wisdom in that.

  2. Great job! You look so comfortable in front of the camera! As always, great advice too.

    ps- loved the pop of blue in your shoes!

  3. Heather! That was wonderful! You looked great, sounded great, and the ideas were spot-on. Thank you for sharing!


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