FAMILY FUN FRIDAY-Red Nosed Reindeer!

You will love this game. It is perfect for the holiday season. Think of it as a Christmas version of Shoveling Snow. 

Red Pom Poms
Because Rudolph was a red nosed reindeer. 
In a pinch, any color could be used here also.

 Red Ribbon
Any color ribbon will work, but red is great because it is christ-mas-y.
Reindeer Antlers
Although not necessary to play, they would be a very festive addition if you happen to have some sitting around. 

1. Take your red ribbon and cut it about 15 or 16 inches long. Small children will need a shorter ribbon. 

2. Attach a pom pom to the end of your cut ribbon. A hot glue gun would be perfect for this job. 

3. If you have reindeer antlers, have the first player put them on their head.

1. The first player, using only their nose, has to dip their nose in the Vaseline. the more vaseline, the better. Players are NOT allowed to use anything but their nose, to apply the vaseline. That includes using their hands to hold the vaseline container. 

2. Once the player has vaseline on their nose, they take the ribbon (the end without the pom pom) and hold the very end in their mouth. No cheating here. Grab that ribbon right down at the end. The ribbon should be hanging down towards the floor with the pom pom at the bottom. 

3. Now comes the challenge. The player, must swing the ribbon/red pom pom and get the pom pom to stick to their nose. 

1. The pom pom and ribbon cannot touch any other part of the players body, except their nose. If it touches another body part, or another part of the players face, and sticks to their nose, it doesn't count.

2. NO HANDS ALLOWED. If a player touches the pom pom with their hands, their turn is over. 

(aka HOW TO WIN)
1. Set a time limit and see how many times each player can stick the pom pom to their nose in the given amount of time. 

2. Set a number limit. For example 10. Time each person and see how long it takes them to get the pom pom to stick 10 times. Who ever does it the fastest is the winner.  

Family Members young and old will love this game. Perfect for upcoming Seasonal, family gatherings. If you play, be sure you take pictures. I would love to see all the fun you are having.  

Do you have any fun weekend plans? What are you and your family doing this weekend?


  1. Haha! I love this. I'm definitely going to try this out with my family! Thanks.

  2. Allen Family, you will love it. It's a blast for kids and adults. Don't forget to have your camera ready. You will want lots of pictures.

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