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If your house is anything like ours, the next two days will be filled with Easter preparations. To help you with your prep, here are the best of Family Volley's Easter Games and Activities all in one place.

Let me help take the guess work out of how you will spend your family time together. (Ironically these posts are some of the most "pinned" posts from Family Volley.) They are winners, I promise.

The last month has been so busy around our house that I wasn't able to do the 12 Days of Easter like we have done in the past. So instead, Saturday night we are going to do the shortened version all in one night. It will be the perfect lead-in to Easter Sunday. 

Our children love helping me decorate for every holiday. We spent our Family Night this week dying Easter eggs and making Easter Egg Garland. The Garland is so simple, really colorful and makes a beautiful statement when hung in the house. Perfect last minute decoration. Even our 4 year old was able to do this one "all by herself."

Every year our family has a big Easter Egg Hunt. My husband hides about 200 eggs around the yard and we set the kids free. I am okay with some candy, but it is nice to fill the eggs with "non-candy" also. "Easter Egg Hunts-More Than Just Candy" will give you more than enough creative ideas for ways fill your Easter eggs. There are some fun and unique ideas for hiding them also. Make your egg hunt egg-stra special this year.

Did you know that Jelly Beans are for more than just eating. They can be used for some really fun family games also. Jelly Bean Games will give you two awesome games to play with your left over beans. The games are great conversation starters, time fillers, and the perfect way to entertain family and friends who come over for Easter dinner. They are also a good way to keep the conversation moving while you eat. 

Last but not least, you MUST Egg Wrestle. It will become your new favorite Easter Tradition and your kids will pass it on through the generations. No matter your age, this one is just good fun for everyone. It is the perfect way to use up your left over dyed easter eggs, and a great thing to play with family and friends while you are waiting for diner to cook. Be sure you have the camera ready because you will want to document this one. 

Easter is such a wonderful time of year. The weather is just starting to warm and color is popping up all around us. Make this Easter egg-stra special by spending time playing with your family.

What do you do for Easter?
Do you have any special Easter traditions?

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